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Cellular Radio Monitoring

Cellular monitoring allows you true flexibility in home security monitoring.  With cellular monitoring there is no need for home phone service or an internet connection because a cellular monitoring security system features a dedicated wireless connection between your home and our monitoring facility.

For those who prefer to keep a home phone system, a Cellular Radio Monitored System provides backup protection in case of phone line disconnection, breakage, or intentional line cuts.

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Virtual Keypad

Customers can arm and disarm their alarm system remotely.

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Computer Access

Provides access to operate the alarm system through desktop or laptop computers and iPad. You can have access to the Virtual Keypad & Alarm History.

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Thermostat Control

Access up to 9 Z-wave enabled HVAC devices enabling remote control of each thermostat offering energy savings. Now when you are away from home at work or on vacation, you can easily adjust your thermostats to avoid wasted energy use while saving money.

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Lighting Controls

Manage up to 25 Z-Wave enabled lighting controls including light dimmers, and stand-alone plug in devices to operate small appliances, such as lamps or coffee makers. Convenience and energy savings are now available making it easy to control lights remotely when away from home, or from the convenience of the couch.

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Lock Controls

Control up to 5 Z-Wave enabled lock controls giving you the ability to see the status of the lock to know if it's locked or unlocked. In addition you will be able to remotely control the lock to allow people to come in or to lock the door in the event you forgot to providing additional peace-of-mind.

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Garage Doors

Remotely open and close garage doors.

Use your smart phone

Alarm and automation are combined within the app available free for both Apple and Android-based Smartphones. Users can remotely arm/disarm their alarm systems and receive alert notifications.